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We're building an affordable, shared back office for neighborhood contractors in Chicagoland. 

What we do 

When you are splitting time between the job site and the home office, paperwork is always on the to-do list. We've spoken with over 100 diverse entrepreneurs in the construction trades who describe spending 10-15 hours per week on back office tasks like bid estimation and bookkeeping.

Our program connects construction entrepreneurs to experienced, local back office professionals. Through a unique blend of coaching, training and direct services, our program enables entrepreneurs to increase capacity for growth by teaching best practices for running your construction business and creating pathways to delegate back office tasks.

Now I am confidently bidding more work while almost doubling my margin. I feel a relief knowing I can safely cover my costs and finally earn the profit needed to fuel future growth.

How we do it






Our Story 


Began as an initiative of The Dividend Project, an incubator to expand wealth-building opportunities for businesses and communities of color.

Small businesses run the world. If you can be an entrepreneur, you can pull somebody else up

with you. It’s a way of helping others — not just yourself. It’s about growth and opportunities —

for women, for minorities, for entire communities.

Early 2019:

Formed advisory board with leaders across Chicagoland's construction ecosystem

Summer 2019:

Raised $140,000 to support the local construction community and expand our outreach

Business Services' pitch earns 2nd place in the University of Chicago's 2019 John Edwardson, ’72, Social New Venture Challenge (SNVC) 

Business Services Collective joins Elevate Energy, Sustainable Options for Urban Living to provide back office support to entrepreneurs of color in construction and clean energy sectors. 


Expanding our back office services to support Chicago's diverse construction community.

Helping construction businesses identify and access relief programs in response to the COVID-19 health crisis.

Name, Title

Summer 2019: Raising Support

Meet our community advisors

Delmar Gillus, Jr.

Elevate Energy


Deon Lucas



Nora Sobolov

Business Services Collective

Co-founder, Board Chair

Cynthia Stewart

Sustainable Options for Urban Living 

Executive Director

Kyle Johnson

Nitika Nautiyal

Co-founder, COO

Co-founder, CSO

Kyle and Nitika bring over two decades of combined experience connecting diverse entrepreneurs to the capital and contracts they need to grow. 

Nitika directs our strategic partnerships to develop a coordinated ecosystem of supports for Chicagoland contractors. Kyle works with service providers and contractors on a daily basis to pilot our shared back office.


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