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Our Story

Business Services Collective (BSC) aspires to reduce the racial wealth gap by helping BIPOC construction firms develop the financial health of their business through intensive one-on-one coaching and back office support. BSC meets BIPOC builders where they are by providing highly customized and personalized services through intentional listening in safe spaces. We uniquely understand their challenges because we are builders too. 


We offer accounting, bookkeeping and estimation services to BIPOC construction firms, developing their financial health and confidence to better plan, manage, and fund their growth through intensive one-on-one training and implementation of best practices.

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Our Culture

Are you a builder? Come join us!


Business Services Collective creates resources for builders as a community, giving them the confidence to achieve meaningful progress. 


We see our board, team, funders, community partners and the clients we serve as co-builders with us. Our work is inspired by all builders!


To the builders, 

Your passion to create a better future cannot be ignored 

Where the world sees obstacles, you see potential 

You are creating hope and opportunity for your community 

You are building a better future for yourself and your family 

We see you, we hear you, and we are here to build with you.

Program Manager 

BSC is approaching an exciting phase of growth with upcoming opportunities to scale our impact through evolving partnerships committed to strengthening the financial health of diverse construction businesses. In this phase, we seek to grow our team to more deeply systematize our program and consistently deliver intensive support to participating entrepreneurs while serving a growing community. Our work is evolving towards creating the next generation of back office entry level talent through training existing staff of businesses we serve or helping them hire part-time talent recruited and trained by us.


Gain experience working at a mission-driven start-up as it transitions from pilot to growth phase. Take on significant responsibility and autonomy for key expertise areas, shaping the vision and development of our enterprise. Participate in the collective effort among community stakeholders, including local nonprofits, business owners, and government agencies to develop an inclusive economy for Chicago.

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